Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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Carefully Watch People in Your Group — Learn How to Help Someone Else
Many people have died while trying to rescue others caught in rip currents. Don’t become a victim yourself. The most effective defense against drowning is closely watching people in your party.

  • Throw anything that floats to the person in trouble, like a life ring or cooler.
  • Seek help from park staff, friends or others.
  • Wear a life jacket if you must go in the water — it can save you and the person in trouble.
  • Ask others to stay away from piers and breakwalls
  • Pay attention to warning flags.

Beach Safety
Many public beach areas use color warning flags to alert swimmers of dangerous conditions.

  • Green = Go. But stay aware of changing conditions.
  • Yellow = Caution. Watch for rip currents.
  • Red = Stop. Stay on the beach and out of the water. A red flag means that swimmers are in danger of drowning due to rip currents or other hazards. Dangerous currents are often present near structures, regardless of weather conditions.

Tips for Swimmers
Rip currents are difficult for even Olympic swimmers. If caught in a rip current:

  • Stay calm: Fear, panic and exhaustion can be a deadly combination. Focus on breathing and keeping your head above water.
  • Swim to the side, then back to shore. If tired, switch between swimming and floating until you reach shore.
  • If in danger: Face the shore and call for help.

Water Safety Tips

  • Take swimming lessons to become a stronger swimmer.
  • Protect children from dangerous currents and breaking waves by having them wear life jackets.
  • Swim in designated beach areas and stay 150 feet away from piers and breakwalls.
  • Check the beach forecast before heading out and pay attention to warning flags throughout the day.
  • Recognize the signs of drowning (see below) and learn CPR.

Signs of Drowning
When drowning is portrayed in fictitious situations like movies, it often involves the drowning person splashing and making noise, calling out for help. However, in most real situations, drowning can be a quiet affair with people nearby not recognizing that a person is in trouble.

The signs of drowning may not be as dramatic as you've been led to believe.
The signs of drowning may not be as dramatic as you’ve been led to believe (courtesy of the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project).

July 26, 2017 (Illinois)
12 Cancer-Causing Contaminants Found In Illinois Water
When water flows out of the faucet and into a glass, it usually appears clean and healthful. A report released Wednesday, though, found hundreds of harmful contaminants across the American water supply that can cause cancer, developmental issues in children, problems in pregnancy and other serious health conditions. In Illinois, EWG tracked contaminants across the state’s water supply, finding a total of 94 contaminants statewide.

July 26, 2017 (Illinois)
Risk of Strong To Severe T-storms And Localized Flood-Producing Downpours Tonight Into Thursday
Strong to isolated severe thunderstorms are expected to develop to our west this Wednesday afternoon and spread east across northeast Illinois and northwest Indiana this evening and overnight tonight, ending from the west Thursday. The primary threat across the Chicago area will be localized flood-producing downpours and a few spots with damaging winds/hail. Timing of the storms reaching this area after peak-heating has the National Storm Prediction Center determining the area of greatest risk over the central plains, positioning our area mostly in the isolated Marginal Risk (dark-green-shaded area on the highlighted Wednesday-Wednesday night severe weather outlook map depicting a 5% chance of severe storms within 25 miles of a given location).

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