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The Cook County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management welcomes your feedback regarding the Cook County Hazard Mitigation Planning Process.

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We’ve created a public survey to get information from you about natural hazards in Cook County at:

The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and will provide vital information to the team preparing the plan and working to identify ways to reduce Cook County’s vulnerability to natural hazards.


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Addressing the Steering Committee (SC) at a Steering Committee Meeting:

  • Any person desiring to address the SC must first be recognized by the Chairperson.  A person may be required to fill out a sign-in sheet as a condition of speaking. All sign-in sheets shall be delivered to the Chairperson of the SC.
  • Each person speaking via a microphone, or if no microphone is available but the meeting is being recorded or minutes are being taken, shall initially identify himself or herself by his or her name, mailing address (unless confidentiality is requested), and, if appropriate, representative capacity.
  • Any person submitting letters or documents should provide a minimum of five (5) copies prior to the meeting or at the meeting. All copies should be given to the Chairperson of the SC. The Chairperson will be officially responsible for distributing the submittal(s).
  • To maintain decorum befitting a deliberative, legislative, or executive process the following actions will not be permitted: display of banners, signs, buttons, or apparel expressing opinions on political matters or matters considered by the SC; applause; or similar actions.
  • A speaker asserting a statement of fact may be asked to document and identify the source of the factual datum asserted.
  • When addressing the SC, members of the public shall direct all remarks to the SC Chairperson and shall confine remarks to the matters specifically before the board.
  • All comments must have relevance to the plan and the planning area. Topics of discussion must be related to the current meeting’s agenda items. Relevance will be determined by the Chairperson.


Speaking Time Limits:

  • Unless deemed otherwise by the Chairperson, each person addressing the SC shall be limited to 3 minutes speaking time. The speaking time limit does not include time necessary to respond to questions asked by the SC.
  • A person may yield his/her 3 minutes to another person provided he/she so indicates this on the sign-in sheet or at the time he/she is recognized by the Chairperson.
  • The number of public comments received will be at the discretion of the Chairperson, but total time allotted will not exceed 15 minutes. If a member of the public is not allowed to address the SC because of this time restriction, he/she will be provided the opportunity to submit written testimony to the SC for its consideration at the next scheduled meeting.